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Not your grandmother’s hockey stick

At around 2:30 this morning the thunderstorms that have been boiling up over Brooklyn of late, made their nightly entrance. Complete calm, small flash of lightning and then a boom that came with such intensity, that even as you cursed being woken up in the middle of the night, you could only wonder at the sheer power of nature.

Would anybody but an Apple fanboy mention the awesome power of geothermal energy in the same breath as discussing the monster that is the Apple marketing machine? I’ll let you decide that, but what I am sure of is that being placed on the front page of the iTunes store is a powerful thing indeed. Free placement on the front page of a tool used by at least 40 million qualified purchasers across 80 something countries.

Last week Card Ninja was having its best week so far. We were ticking along at a low but steady 30 sales a day. More of a hobby than a business at that point if we are honest. We had done some limited test advertising and had received some great reviews and feedback but we were still lacking the exposure to make a meaningful impact.

Fast forward to Tuesday morning. After contacting us with an email that they loved the game, Apple placed Card Ninja on the front page of the App store and boom! we are instant players. I’m not even sure the term hockey stick works to describe the trajectory Card Ninja has taken in the last 24 hours. Maybe we should coin this as a space shuttle kind of ride.

rank trajectory

our hockey stick / space shuttle moment

Card Ninja’s rank went from #1500 overall or so on Monday to #34 in games and #54 overall in the space of 24 hours. Even while I am writing this post we have moved up to #33 in US games. Its 10 am on a weekday morning; Who is even buying games now? We are now the #2 Card game in the US, closing in on Solitaire after overhauling established card games such as Texas Hold’em and Uno.

I’m trying to remain calm and focused knowing this is a special moment that we can’t take for granted for a second.

The thunder clap was followed by one more boom last night and then silence. Not even a drop of rain.


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  1. This is so exciting! Now I can say “I knew Card Ninja when”… 🙂 Please keep us up-to-date via the blog. I wonder what comes after the Space Shuttle? Maybe the Mars Rover?

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