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    • Card Ninja Update finally approved by Apple. Get it now on the App store and remember to leave a great review!!! http://ow.ly/k2pi 9 years ago
    • Just uploaded attempt #3 of Card Ninja update after a month of very not fun back and forth with Apple. Everyone cross your fingers. 9 years ago
    • Still no word from Apple on green lighting the Card Ninja update. At least we aren't the only ones - Geek.com http://ow.ly/i2mm 9 years ago
    • @JoeFinder nice widget. looks like its from a company called isssu. http://issuu.com/ Might be a nice addition to the site we are building? 9 years ago
    • Excellent review of Card Ninja from Softpedia "Combines puzzle with action like no other iPhone game in the App Store" http://ow.ly/hxJy 9 years ago
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This is huge – Front page of iTunes store

Huge update, my Ninja friends.

Last week we received a mysterious email from Apple. Yes that Apple.

Here’s what it said:

Subject: HOT marketing opportunity (their caps not mine)

“Hi, here at Apple we love your game Card Ninja….”

OK so besides the slightly spam like subject line that totally had us thinking this was a hoax, this is pretty incredible. Apple found our cool game amongst the 50,000 other apps out there and wants to do some free marketing for us!
Think about that for a second – Apple, 50,000 apps, Card Ninja and free marketing all in the same sentence.

We sent them a whole set of graphic materials and while we still aren’t sure exactly what they are planning to do, as of this morning we are displayed on the front page of the US iTunes store in the New and Notable section. We are basically the second app you see once you land on the page. You can see it here: http://bit.ly/5fd0d
Can you put a price on that kind of exposure?

more excitement to come I’m sure.


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