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Card Ninja Wild Cards revealed

We’ve been getting quite a bit of mail from all you Ninja flickers asking us for more information on the wild cards that appear in the Card Ninja game. We love hearing from you and are excited that you are as excited about the game as we are.

So to help you out,  I’ll be running a series of posts over the next week discussing the wild cards, what they do to help you succeed and what they can do to hinder your progress. This isn’t intended to be a spoiler posting. So what I won’t do is directly reveal the clues inserted into the cards that help you decide where to flick them. Seeing the cards at a larger size should be help enough I think.

Just like the movies, we’ll look at the cards in order of their appearance, starting today with the Blessing and Curse cards.

Blessing2The Blessing card is the first of the ‘good card’ series and shows up for the first time during level 3. Flicking the blessing card to its correct target gets you a boost of 5 cards added to your total. There is no penalty for getting this card wrong, other than missing out on a nice little bonus of course.

Blessing appears a number of times during the game. After it first shows up and gets you in the swing of how wild cards work, its inserted into rounds where things get a little hairy and we figured you might need some help.

The image we used was crafted by Kevin our crack graphic designer. He blended a bunch of images and worked his photoshop magic to give us a beautiful looking card. Its kind of a Buddha mixed with a china doll colored with Japanese inspired tones. It gives off a very clean, saintly image ideal, I’d say for bestowing a blessing on needy players!

CurseThe Curse card is the direct counterpoint to the Blessing and yes you guessed it, it’s the first of the evil cards to show up.

Its role is to get in your way if things are looking a little easy. If you flick the curse card at the wrong target you get a penalty of 5 cards. Get it right and you avoid that penalty.

Curse shows up for the first time in Level 5 and appears several more times during the game. Curse is really a tough card because you have so many chances to get it wrong. You can’t just guess at this one and hope for the best. Do that and you will be hitting the same wall over and over again.

The image is another blend of multiple images by Kevin. Its inspired by some Kabuki theater masks. The Kabuki theater is an old form of theater from Japan dating back to the 1600’s; Lots of dancing and masks. One of the reasons it inspired us is because the discussion about the origins of Ninja’s is very much intertwined with Kabuki, the puppets they used and how the actors moved around the stage. One theory is that the actors playing assassins and warriors dressed in all black, just like the stagehands, so they could more easily emerge from the shadows and shock the audience. Assassins. All black clothing. Sound familiar????

Looking forward to hearing your comments.

Next post, the Assassin and Ajnin…


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